FOR around nine years the campaign groups have been trying to inform the public what is actually planned for Withybush Hospital.

Many times it must have felt like it would be less painful to continually knock their heads against a wall than to get most people to believe them.

Those who did listen and have made efforts deserve thanks. Those who did not now is your last chance to wake up and realise it is up to all of us to fight and not just leave to the protest groups.

Yes it may be inconvenient to attend demos, write letters etc and may incur a small expense but nothing compared to the personal time and expense selflessly incurred by those who have fought for years and who will probably be told at the end they should have done more.

This is everyone’s fight and excuses for doing nothing such as it’s all done and dusted, don’t have time etc are not valid – have governments never done a U turn when confronted with massive public outcry and others just as busy or even more so make time.

Do not rely on so called experts, many of whom have never been on front line services, look at the evidence supplied by consultants and doctors etc on protest groups websites and Facebook pages.

This shows the decision by Welsh Assembly has been based on evidence supplied to them that was flawed, out of date, non existent or misinterpreted while other studies that contradict the “benefits” of proposals have been ignored.

Those who could but do not make the effort to book a seat on bus to attend the public protest at Welsh Assembly on Wednesday March 5 should start thinking of an explanation to give their children or grandchildren, when they need a service that is no longer at Withybush, why they did nothing.

Come on people, whether you are grandparents, parents or a Pembrokeshire resident of any form it’s time to show we are a force to be reckoned with.

We are not just going to lie down, let them walk all over us and treat our lives and health as too unimportant to deserve consideration.


Lilac Close

Milford Haven