WE HAVE over the past three months experienced the highest rainfall that has ever been recorded and in addition we have had gale force winds even over 100 miles per hour and high sea levels and record high waves.

Flooding was inevitable and this was made worse because those in charge of the environment were more interested in wildlife and this has resulted in large numbers of them dying through drowning which included the badgers and foxes and the birds dying of starvation.

All I can say is to repeat what our government ministers keep saying ‘lessons have been learnt’. I do feel very sorry for people that have seen their houses and land flooded for months and the damage and inconvenience caused. However in many instances we take the services provided for granted and when things go wrong we get very impatient and blame others although they may be doing their best.

Recently our electricity went off at 4pm and we had a very polite telephone call from Western Power apologising for the inconvenience caused and saying they hoped to resume service at 10pm. At 8pm we saw three 4x4 vehicles pass our house, obviously trying to find the fault.

They worked in the dark with torches in heavy rain and strong winds on marsh land. At 11pm the lights were restored and we saw the vans return with the drivers probably wet, cold and hungry.

During this time we sat in candle light in front of our Rayburn cooker and enjoyed our cooked meal, but felt very sorry for the men that were working in such atrocious conditions to provide the services that we all take for granted.

A week later the lights went out and we had the repeat excellent service.

Although again working in awful conditions the men were in excellent spirit and before leaving apologised for the damage done. All I can say is ‘thank you’.


Llanddewi Velfrey