I WRITE re your article headlined ‘Calls for Pembrokeshire County Council to “take Welsh seriously”’ in which I find the quoted response of the authority spokesman as being characteristically out of touch with the electorate.

To state that consultation with the Welsh Language Commissioner is under way will not wash.

It gives no reassurance to those of us who apparently are confined to ‘some parts of north Pembrokeshire,’ as stated in the now infamous job advert, who wish to see the survival of the language as a community language.

Indeed a reference to a proposed commitment to a WLC scheme is highly ironic considering the response to another Welsh Government agency report recently, namely that of the Welsh Audit Office.

I look forward to the chief executive’s soon to be convened meeting with a deputation led by Cymdeithas yr Iaith, including language sympathisers and activists of all hues, who wish to enter into a meaningful partnership with Pembrokeshire County Council to implement a practical and inclusive language strategy. A shared vision can go beyond adopting the least necessary proposal suggested by the Language Commissioner.

I take it for granted that Bryn Parry Jones will welcome input from interested parties as part of the ‘consultation process’ quoted by the spokesperson. To refuse a meeting would be akin to a bunk siege mentality reminiscent of Vincent Tan’s myopic attitude towards Cardiff City fans.