'I appreciate even more the kind people that I meet'

10:33am Wednesday 19th March 2014

Please could you help me deliver this open letter to a particular resident in Haverfordwest?

LAST December, I was working in Haverfordwest for one of the UK’s largest charities and made the unfortunate error of parking on the opposite side of the road to your house.

I came back to my own private vehicle after spending the day raising money for people suffering with a life threatening disease to find that you had reversed off your drive, across the pavement, across the road and into my van at a speed sufficient enough to thoroughly dent the side panels. You drove off.

I spent a long time trying to find your details through the police, who were shocked that someone would drive off without notifying a fellow human being of the damage they had done.

I hoped that it was a mistake, that you had driven off because you had somewhere important to go. I was confident that you would get in touch later on. You did not.

I had to return to the street, but that was okay because I matched the paint and damage on my vehicle to the paint and damage on your vehicle... they fitted like a jigsaw. And then when we spoke to you your reply was ‘won’t say that I did or didn’t do it’, my heart sank.’Don’t phone again I have a friend around,’ you said. I am sorry for interrupting your evening.

After attempting to make a claim through my insurers for the last two months, I thought that you would like to know that I have dropped the case.

This is not because I have been struck by a bout of compassion, or because I have decided that my vehicle looks better with its side caved in.

My insurance policy was up for renewal, and because of the stalling of yourself and your insurers my No Claims Discount was reduced significantly. I dropped the claim because I could not afford the premium with a claim in progress.

So there we are...you win.

I hope that you are happy, because now you can continue to drive with as much disregard for other people’s property as you wish.

You will no doubt feel a warm glow inside that I cannot afford to pursue this claim, and that my priority lies with keeping my vehicle insured and on the road so I can continue working for charity.

I would like to thank you for making me appreciate even more the honest, kind and reliable people that I meet.

You have confirmed for me that these people are worth their weight in gold, and should never be taken for granted. And so I will wish you well, I hope that you manage to get the repairs completed for your own car, I understand well enough how expensive it can be. I hope that if you ever find yourself in a situation like mine you have the luck to not share the experience with someone like you.

Tom Walter By email


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