AS Mothers’ Day approaches in this month, the flower and chocolate prices will probably soar to cash in on the occasion. Commendable, not the soaring prices, but the need to show your appreciation of your mother.

However I feel to wait for a day in the calendar like Christmas, Easter or whatever is a sad gesture of the person who usually loves you unconditionally and supports you throughout your life.

My mother was my fiercest critic, most honest friend and never let me down whilst alive.

It is the saddest and most poignant saying which states: “You never know what you had until it is not there.”

So yes buy flowers,chocolates whatever, but put a note in your head that every day should be Mother’s Day as this person gave life to you and unconditional love to her dying breath.

Here in Spain on March 19 was Fathers’ Day ,much celebrated, but on May 1 here it Mothers’ Day and boy oh boy do they recognise and celebrate it as every other day they are lucky to have their ‘Madres’.

So celebrate, but give the odd phone call or text or even visit throughout the whole year as in my book of experience ‘every day is Mothers’ Day’ if you truly appreciate her.


Formerly Pembrokeshire,

now Andalucia, Spain.