WHILE I appreciate everyone has a right to stand for any party they wish to, be it Labour, Lib Dem, Con or Mickey Mouse, they should have the courage or the convictions and not hide behind the tag of independent to mask a real political mantra to sit on the fence.

Maybe those seeking election are mindful of what happened a few years ago, when a councillor elected as an independent, when seeking reelection under his true blue colours was promptly booted out.

I have no wish to tar all councillors with the same brush, but at the next election the electorate should remember the names of those who reduced Pembrokeshire to a laughing stock, and boot ‘em out. (The voting figures for the motion to suspend BP Jones are freely available).

To use an old boxing adage “kill the body, and the head will die”. You have the weapon it’s called the ballot box.


Heol Glyndwr