THE weir in the Mill Bridge was built when fighting the Second World War fires of the oil tanks in Pembroke Dock used up the water supply, leaving none for Pembroke fire fighting.

The ponds overseen by my grandfather, Will Campbell, were maintained in a healthy condition by regular flushing with seawater with many spawning and migratory fish.

After he died, the Mill Pond was dammed to turn it into a freshwater lake. There has never been sufficient fresh water inflow to maintain a healthy lake and the barrage hasn’t worked. During the period the gate has been removed there has been no flooding. The salt water in the Mill Pond has made it very healthy. Castle Pond, seawater marine organisms are colonising the mud and planted margins.

Alien species planted at great expense are dead to be replaced naturally by low or no maintenance marine edge plants. The Bass and Mullet are back. Waders sea birds and waterfowl have displaced the swan lavatory.

Bird watchers now visit to see species normally only found in isolated places. The gate broke down just in time.

Do not allow PCC to waste more of your and my money on an unacceptable plan.

The Pembroke Ponds were historic inland bathing places, therefore must be protected against pollution.


The Green