RE: The article on page 22 (Western Telegraph, April 9) ‘Mining on seabed’ .

IN the coming few years the UK will begin to suffer a very large shortfall in fuels for electrical power generation, transportation,etc and as a nation we are sleepwalking towards the energy crisis.

We have to muster every form of energy available to us to combat the shortfall and that includes seabed coal.

For those of you reading this letter, imagine what will happen as the electricity starts to be rationed,not so bad to start with but getting worse as fuel supplies start to diminish.

Everyone in the UK depends on a constant 24hr electricity supply to live in the way we are accustomed, energy shortfall will definitely change that and sacrifices will have to made.

Instead of forming groups championing a particular energy production, we as a nation must form one giant pressure group to enforce the politicians to make the coming energy crisis their topmost issue and provide solutions to our satisfaction.