WE refer to the article in the Western Telegraph on April 2, regarding the incident at Northgate Street, Pembroke, where one of our vehicles came into contact with a bay window.

It is company policy not to comment on any incident until it has been fully investigated, which this incident now has. We would like to say how disappointed we are in the article. No mention whatsoever is made of the fact that our bus pulled over onto the pavement to allow an ambulance on an emergency call through.

Unfortunately, there was still insufficient room for the ambulance to pass. The ambulance driver indicated that he wanted the bus to pull further forward to allow him through. In so doing the bus came into contact with the bay window, which was out of the line of vision of our driver.

I would further point out that the damage to the bus, which was back on service the following morning, was minimal and an independent witness has come forward to support our version of events.

We feel that the facts show that the accident was caused by good intent and was not due to any sort of recklessness on the part of our driver.


Managing Director Silcox Coaches

Waterloo Garage

Pembroke Dock