NEXT MONTH we vote in the European elections.

What few realise is that there are supreme dangers that the people we vote for need to tackle.

If we don’t elect the right ones we will indeed lose our sovereignty. Whatever our views of the current government, we would have difficulty regaining sovereignty under any government. I am talking about the TTIP, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

UKIP and the main UK parties are in favour, although Labour has reservations about aspects. Plaid however is working with the powerful European Free Alliance in opposing this secret agreement.

There is a key bit of the agreement called the Investor State Dispute Settlement which allows corporations to sue governments if they do something to interfere with their profits. Another bit is forcing our rules to be the same as the USA’s, eg allowing growth hormones in meat.

Snowdonia schools buy all their meat from local butchers who buy only from local farmers. This is good for the health of children and the economy, no chemical meat, money spent locally.

This is the sort of thing the corporations could sue Wales for. The cost of fighting corporations legally would ruin us, so we would be likely to keel over.

We could be sued for favouring the NHS over private health companies or for banning the insecticides which destroy bees.

The cold fist of short term greed would destroy every effort of a nation to protect its longer term future. The USA wants to lure us with cheaper gas, while it lasts.

‘Get out of the clutches of Russian gas, and into ours’ they say.

We could get out of all these clutches, and increase our food and fuel sovereignty instead.

But not if we sign the TIPP.

Farage and Clegg, Tories, Liberals and most of Labour are all dazzled out of their tiny boxes with the money it is claimed the accord will bring. They are in danger of selling our birthright for a mess!


Fachongle Isaf