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1:41pm Thursday 8th May 2014

AS a recently retired clinician from Withybush Hospital I am dismayed at the report in your paper regarding the inquest of the respected Malcolm Green.

Tragic as the death was, the trust had accepted responsibility after a full internal investigation and procedures have been put in place to try and prevent similar occurrences happening.

Is it really necessary for you to mention names in your article? We live in a small county and each of us would know many members of staff who work at the hospital.

During my many years working for the NHS it was exceptional to find any clinician who did not do their utmost to help the patient to the best of their ability under increasingly difficult situations.

Over the years the complexities and the acuteness of a patient’s condition has increased along with our expectations of the outcomes, whilst the staffing levels on the acute wards have reduced in comparison.

Does not this sort of reporting just encourage the culture of blame and shame and ensures that the NHS just continues to pay out billions of pounds each year in compensation instead of putting this money to better use by enabling them to employ more clinicians to look after us so that less genuine mistakes are made?

We need to support our local hospital and its dedicated staff and I do not feel that such an article benefits any of us.



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