AS YOU know the ombudsman ruled that I had suffered a serious injustice when Carmarthen Hospital failed to follow up and treat my diagnosed cancer in 2008.

Accordingly I was awarded £3,000 and subsequently the hospital board paid £25,000 damages, as I was deemed I would lose three to five years of life.

Much of this money went to support the Ellesmere Animal Centre at Castle Morris, run by Ms E Morris, Ellie.

The project was a worthwhile and interesting cause, particularly in view of Ellie’s unique love for animals.

They received the utmost care.

I understand the centre could be forced to close [due to lack of funds], and, as you will appreciate I am very disappointed to hear this, as much good work was being done there.

I am saddened to hear of the centre’s possible imminent closure, as I am sure you will understand.