A POTENTIAL problem is looming with regard to the forthcoming European elections which has just come to my attention. My son is a student in a large Welsh university and has been registered to vote for some time with me as a proxy voter if he is unable to attend our local polling station on the day.

I do, of course, establish who he would prefer to vote for in advance.

A large campaign to encourage as many people as possible to register to vote has been going on in his University town and despite informing the canvasser that he was already registered to vote, was persuaded to register again to vote there.

Fortunately, he told me what had happened and the polling card which I have already received for him will not be used unless he is unable, for any reason, to vote in person.

This incident could have huge repercussions, albeit unintentionally, should thousands of students be in the same situation and simply do not realise the consequences of vote duplication. I may be overstating the problem, however these elections have generated much more publicity than usual and as counties may not actually cross-check their electoral rolls, there is a possibility of a major upset, but how can this be avoided unless a national advertising campaign is launched to ensure nobody is breaking the law, but do not realise they have done so?