AS ONE who was born and brought up in Pembrokeshire, I feel compelled to respond to the letter by a Mr. Geoffrey Sinclair, regarding the Queen’s visit with particular reference to Princes Gate Spring Water.

To now comment as to how “residents and visitors will have been astounded at the immense size, extensive visibility” etc., of the two wind turbines erected above Ludchurch appears to me to be absolutely ridiculous, given the extensive press coverage and the attempts made by some, over the last three years to derail this local employer from securing over 50 local jobs.

He also refers to the “ambitious proprietors of Princes Gate Spring Water”. I have known the directors of Princes Gate Spring Water for many years and can truly say they are industrious and held in high regard by all who know them and seeing that the Oxford Dictionary describes the meaning of the word “ambitious”

as being “strongly desirous of a thing to do” I feel that there is no need for me to explain further that whilst they are operating a business, they are ambitious as they are desirous of offering more full-time employment to others.

What the community should now be doing is supporting the company (and companies like it) in order to keep Pembrokeshire a vibrant county with the attraction of not only seasonal employment but constant employment for generations to come.

May I suggest too that Her Majesty would have seen both turbines on her route from Narberth to Princes Gate Spring Water and would have known the extent a process such as this one would have been followed in order to obtain the consent required. How Mr Sinclair can say that the installation of the turbines was “bulldozed through”, is beyond my understanding, seeing the process took over three years to come to fruition.

Pembrokeshire’s people should be proud of their local authority for standing up and backing its planning officers but some may not be so proud for causing such a lengthy drawn out process and costing the general tax payer a large amount of wasted money on a court case that should never have been brought.

Perhaps people are not aware of the number of wind turbines in On a closing note, I feel sure Her Majesty would also understand that horses are affected by plastic bags, plastic bottles, flapping tents, low flying aircraft and many more simple everyday events rather than a couple of structures that will move in a synchronised fashion and never make a sudden loud noise or a sudden fast movement.

In fact on the day Her Majesty visited Princes Gate Spring Water (and I was there), I saw some horses and riders pass close by the factory and whilst the music was really loud, it had no effect upon the animals.

I would suggest it may be better for us to embrace progress and get on with what is important rather than keep dragging up old stories which, I am sure, nobody wants to hear.


North Road