READERS may know that from June 8 to 14 people across Wales will be marking Diabetes Week by sharing their diabetes stories.

Here at Diabetes UK Cymru we want to get people in west Wales talking about diabetes.

Whether you have diabetes, or know someone who has been affected by the condition, we want to hear from you. Your story could help someone else in the same position.

When my son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes it came totally out of the blue.

Speaking to other parents who had been through the same experience was a lifeline to our family.

Diabetes is serious and without the right support it can be a real challenge. It is vitally important that we open up conversations across Wales on how to overcome these challenges.

There are lots of ways that you can share your story. You can send us a tweet or post on our Facebook wall, send us an email, make a video, write a letter or even just have a chat with a friend over a cup of tea.


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