Re: Think Bike, Letters, June 11.

I APPLAUD the Motorcycle Action Group’s Phil McFadden for bringing the issue of road safety to your readers’ attention. His views are valued.

It’s right that I too highlight the issue of road safety. Every death on the road, every inquest, means misery.

Every single road user – driver or rider – must put safety first; that includes anticipating how vehicles around us react.

The police will do all they can but they can’t keep watch on every bend and every straight all the time.

The public must take responsibility – sadly, some people don’t.

I continue to work with the police and others to make our roads safer; that must be done through a combination of education, enforcement and road design.

If readers have any concerns, thoughts or ideas on road safety I urge them to let me know. One opportunity for this will be on June 26 when I’ll be taking readers’ questions in the Western Telegraph newspaper’s offices.


Police & Crime Commissioner for Dyfed-Powys