RE: Cancer Day Unit, Withybush Hospital, fundraising issue.

I WOULD like to add my concern to the growing number of concerned Pembrokeshire residents who want to know where the hard earned charitable funding for the Withybush Hospital CDU has gone.

Having had personal experience of care and treatment at the Withybush CDU I have happily handed over contributions to various collections on the understanding that the money collected would specifically be going to support it.

The Withybush CDU staff are incredible and have to work under difficult conditions on a daily basis. That is why I was delighted to contribute to funding that would be supporting them.

Please, please, please, could somebody reassure me, and the the other concerned residents of Pembrokeshire.

We are looking forward to the health board’s confirmation that their financial treasure hunt has comes out with a successful ending for the Withybush CDU - sooner rather than later.