I TOOK photographs last Monday in Cardiff as an example of why Pembrokeshire should not follow Cardiff ’s lead in collecting black bag rubbish once a fortnight.

When the idea was being discussed by Pembrokeshire County Council one of the councillors wrote a letter to your newspaper saying that ‘if it is good enough for Cardiff, it is good enough for Pembrokeshire’. At the time I thought he doesn’t know Cardiff very well or he wouldn’t have said that.

Cardiff is a lovely, vibrant, warm, friendly city, but it is filthy. My son lives in Roath, which is where I took these pictures, and the amount of rubbish on the streets is disgusting.

Even the city centre is dirty.

My other son lives in Brixton which has a much higher population density and is much cleaner than Cardiff because the council makes sure the rubbish is removed regularly.

These bags were put out on the wrong week and sat there until collected the following week. You can see the result.

Black bags should be collected every week with orange bags being collected fortnightly. Waste in the orange bags does not include dirty nappies and other waste which could cause disease and attract vermin.