CONGRATULATE our Mayor and Admiral of the Port, Cllr Roy Thomas, for raising the issue of unsightly premises within our town.

Cllr Thomas has publicly raised an issue that is certainly of great concern to many of us, and I fully agree that PCC should embrace this problem, and act now and start to be proactive.

The premises that the Mayor highlighted are a blight on our ancient township, and what message do they give to visitors and inhabitants alike?

They show a slovenly approach to the management of the town, and to what we are prepared to accept, looking at day in and day out.

The owners of these premises should be made to either make good their appearance or be forced to demolish them. I think that it is time that PCC gives more control and influence to the town council, and then they can be responsible for taking care of the town they serve.

The county council has a very wide remit, and possibly cannot eliminate all problems in every town, but allow the town council to take control of the town we live in and care about.

In many situations the hands of the town council are tied by PCC and this should not be so.

The town council should have full management of all local government decisions concerning the town, and then something would be done to enhance the town.

Good on you Mr Mayor for raising this, and let us all hope that something can and will be done without too much delay.