I FEEL it is necessary that you bring to motorists’ attention the tactics being deployed by the Council’s highways department.

I was recently very bemused and surprised (not to mention annoyed!) to receive two tickets on my car.

I was still bemused and surprised to read that I had ‘parked in a special enforcement area adjacent to a dropped footway’.

As far as I knew it was a perfectly legal place to park, as it always has been, several others thought so too, some who have also received tickets and many who have not! (I have photographic evidence).

I had parked my car as usual, facing the correct way – nearside to pavement – and thus got out and crossed the road to go home – oblivious to the fact that a ‘dropped footway’ had appeared and that I had parked in ‘a special enforcement area’. I have since found out that the ‘dropped footway’ has only been there a few weeks.

It would have been helpful to put up a notice, as it is not obvious and parking has always been allowed there, and parking tickets are not supposed to be to ‘make money’ but to help motorists and pedestrians by removing obstacles. There are also no markings on the road.

It is also dangerous place to position one – in between parked vehicles.

We used to teach children to cross the road where there was good visibility – never between parked cars!

Someone in a wheelchair would have to be in the path of an oncoming vehicle before they could see if it was clear or not. It would be better placed at the end of the (previous) parking zone – just two car lengths along.

Before all these new ‘better’ ways of doing things there used to be traffic wardens, who were based in a particular town (unless they were needed to ‘cover’ another area).

There were seldom any problems and any that arose were soon sorted.

Very few parking tickets were issued as problem parkers were moved on before they caused an obstruction.

Tenby was a much nicer place to live then. Now there is constant chaos in the town due to haphazardly parked vehicles and no wardens (sorry CEO’s) to be seen, they spend half their time driving around the county in their little vans.

How much does that cost, vehicles plus petrol, tax, insurance etc? I think the ‘old way’ was better but it didn’t generate as much revenue , not that that is the reason for it.


The Norton