AGE Cymru is Wales’s largest and leading charity for older people.

We campaign for a world where older people flourish but the sad fact is that around 50,000 older people in Wales live in severe poverty.

200,000 older people Wales have also reported cutting back on food, heating, and social activities for financial reasons.

All older people should have an adequate standard of living.

Age Cymru can help.

Across the UK, more than £5 billion of means-tested benefits go unclaimed by older people every year.

Age Cymru and its Waleswide network of local charity partners have helped older people to claim £13 million in benefits they may not otherwise have received.

You can contact us for advice and a copy of our guide ‘More money in your pocket – a guide to claiming benefits for people over pension age’ that we have published as part of our Let’s Talk Money campaign.

Call our advice line on 08000 223 444 for details of your nearest Age Cymru and if you’re online, visit our website to try out our online benefits checker: www.agecymru.


Chief Executive,

Age Cymru