RE Saving Withybush’s essential services, anyone would think, reading some recent letters [and comments], that NHS Wales has no relation to NHS England at all and also that accusations of political ‘sophistry’ or ‘bandwagoning’ by one party’s prospective election candidates isn’t practised by other party candidates or present sitting AMs and MPs.

It’s one of the learned dark arts of any politicos isn’t it?

Par for the course. Don’t tell me only one party practices it when called for.

And yes turn-off from mainstream politics and politicians by ever-growing numbers is continuing with pitiful footfall to voting booths expected again next year. Despite UKIP and that smile!

Anyone would also think all is hunky-dory NHS/local services-wise east of the Severn Bridge. Perhaps we here aren’t suppose to notice the same things happening in England as at Withybush / Bronglais etc, as if England and Westminster were out of sight the other side of America. To hear those voices, from the present British Prime Minister to much more local ones, it’s all only here in poor Wales under the present Senedd hammer that the NHS and services generally are suffering, whilst England is glorying in its NHS and public services abundance with happy, shiney, folk there served to perfection.

But we know that’s baloney.

How many hospital closures, maternity units and A&Es gone or short-staffed to the point of breakdown, 20% funding withdrawn? How many seen-off jobless lists, now ‘self-employed’ living in penury?

Just today on Radio 4 news a young mother in England loses her baby boy born dead due to complete breakdown and pandemonium as she’s transferred from a home birth-pool situation to the local maternity unit only to find it closed that day, unannounced, and so along the M25 for miles to another overworked, understaffed unit where the tragedy finally happens and she eventually, recently, wins an out-of-court settlement.

I was so sorry to hear of Withybush’s health board judicial review result. They mean to push downgrading through.

Will any names be added to those who may be seen to be directly responsible, due to their administrative decisions, for any future deaths in transit to Glangwili instead of local Withybush treatments?

Shocking to even be considering that after all Withybush’s service to Pembs’ folk over the years.


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