RE: Roundhouse planning permission refused.

Joanna Sayers’ article says that councillors had to decide whether the turfroofed building is harmful to the rural character of the locality.

The young couple in question has a vision for their young son, Eli, to grow up in a safe family environment, which they have provided.

The rule book is for the guidance of the wise and for fools to follow, so come on councillors, help them!

The roundhouse is better for the environment than a 34m wind turbine. The council should be looking at the scientific evidence proving the harm being caused by the low frequency vibrations they emit.

The WCFN, World Council of Nature and Scientific News has been accumulating evidence since the eighties proving that these vibrations cause deformities to animals, still births and miscarriages in sheep,cattle and horses, and can have the same effect in humans living within their vicinity.

I think that OPD, One Planet Development, should be refusing approval for these turbines to be built rather than refusing permission for this young couple’s home.

Don’t underestimate the problems the turbines will cause in the future.


Frederick Street