I REPLY to last week’s article about Dale’s controversial traffic plan.

I am well aware of these problems and which by now should have been solved.

The main culprits are coaches transporting students etc to Dale Fort and who exit the village against the one-way system, which includes a blind corner at the bottom of the hill into the village.

In the last two years I have stopped and reported at least four coaches. The most recent was two months ago.

The driver informed me that they have been doing this for years. I reported this to the police and the community council.

The police I believe are in Dale sometimes twice a day.

I have been stopped by them four times in three years.

Why oh why are they allowing this most dangerous of practices.

This ridiculous ill-judged plan must not go ahead.

Just think of the possible consequences; cyclists going downhill and being confronted with flat fronted bus on a blind corner.

Also do not forget the pedestrians and the annual half marathon and 10k races.


ex Dale resident