I WISH to express my grave concern about the proposed expansion at Velindre Farm.

Your article “Village Split Over Cattle Plan” is somewhat misleading in that it implies the concern is only in St Nicholas. What is already happening at Velindre is causing many difficulties to all who use the roads between Penysgwarne Farm, two and a half miles north of Velindre, where Mr Daniel Harries rents land and Woodlands Farm behind Abermawr, owned by Mr Harries’ father.

These narrow roads, particularly the stretch between Trefaser Cross and Velindre and on to Woodlands, are some of the narrowest roads in the area with few passing places where two cars may safely pass.

Mr Harries is quoted in your newspaper as saying “the last thing I want to do is upset people in the community.”

I wish that Mr Harries had thought of this several years ago when he embarked on a very large expansion plan.

Retrospective planning permission was granted in September 2013.

It is a challenge for the National Park authorities to deal with farming issues that did not exist when the Park was founded and to reconcile the new farming practices with the valuable, small-scale, sustainable ecotourism that now happens in Pembrokeshire.

I hope that these remarks will help your readers understand the concern over this aspect of the proposed expansion at Velindre. Local people are struggling to cope with what is already happening on the roads. This is one significant reason why there is widespread concern, including amongst adjacent farmers.


Castle Morris,