WHEN I originally heard about an up to date health centre was coming to the Manchester Square in Milford Haven with everything under one roof including Robert Street and Barlow House surgeries, I thought great it’s been a long time overdue.

I didn’t realise us patients would have to put up with a patient car park which can only be described as a tip.

There is rubbish everywhere, cans, bottles, smashed glass and to top it all around the corner there is a mattress, damaged caravan, chest of drawers, buckets of rubble etc just dumped there.

We’ve got a local tip but obviously some people think it’s the patient car park.

And to top it all over half the car park has been taken away and boarded up because it turns out it was agreed at the time by the powers that be that the company who built the health centre could build homes on some of the car park. Everybody knows that the car park as it is is far too small for the amount of patients that go to the two surgeries. People are parking anywhere they can. Who agreed to all of this?

I wish they would pull their fingers out and sort it all out as it is an absolute disgrace at the moment. It has been like for this well over 12 months.


Mount Pleasant Way

Milford Haven