Dear Editor, ON the Welsh TV news recently it mentioned three hospitals that had installed a recorded warning message at their main entrances to warn people against smoking there. What a brilliant idea.

Often while attending Withybush Hospital in the past – maybe it is still the case – you entered the main entrance via a line of smokers puffing away.

The most disturbing were the in-patients in pyjamas, dressing gowns, wheelchairs and some even attached to drips.

Not the best health advert in the world, plus it could be quite off-putting for visitors and outpatients to walk over the discarded carpet of cigarette butts and through the ‘smokescreen’.

I have no objections towards smokers, I was even against the total smoking ban in licensed premises despite being a non-smoker, but surely Withybush must have a designated smoking out of public view area as it projects a bad,unhealthy image?

As the adage says ‘there’s a time and place for everything’ and in this scenario the main entrance was not that place or the time.

Tim McMahon Military Rd Pennar