When the news broke of horse meat being found in Tesco burgers you didn't have to wait furlong for the jokes to start.

But few could have expected a prank by two young Pembroke Dock men to go viral and take the internet by storm.

Pranksters, Josh Maher, aged 23, and Rhys Tegerdine, aged 20, were the brains behind the now-famous video, which features a pantomine horse looking for his mum and dad in the frozen food section of the town's Tesco store.

The clip has been watched more than 150,000 times and shared more than 50,000 times on Facebook and spawned a series of copycat videos.

The video shows the pair trotting up the aisle dressed as Rhyjo the horse, shouting 'muderers' and 'Mum, Dad'! 'They've gone!'

The horse breaks down into pretend sobs, before a security guard comes along and asks them to leave.

Stepping backwards, the horse yells 'where's my mum?' before collapsing in a heap on the floor, then getting up and leaving.

The pair, who live in Prospect Place, came up with the idea on the hoof after hearing about the horse meat scandal on the news.

Josh said: "We both thought we've got to do a video on this.  We do quite a lot of videos and we saw this on the news and thought we'll do that straight away."

The next day Josh and Rhys bought the costume from a fancy dress shop in Tenby and were horsing around in Tesco by 6pm on Thursday.

Rhys carried the costume into the store under his arm, before the jokers jockeyed for position at the top of the freezer aisle before saddling up.

"Loads of people were running up the aisle laughing and tapping me on the back," said Rhys.

The video has been shared by celebrities such as Ella Henderson from the X Factor and comedian Chris Ramsey.
Josh said: "There's been massive interest.  I've had 800 friend requests on Facebook in the last day."

Rhys said: "Some boy tried to say it was him, but everyone knows it wasn't now."

They added: "We've put Pembroke Dock on the map".