A new director of adult care has been appointed by Pembrokeshire County Council.

An official announcement was made yesterday (Wednesday) and Pam Marsden from Plymouth will join the council.

Mrs Marsden is currently Assistant Director for Joint Commissioning and Adult Social Care at Plymouth City Council where she has worked for seven years.

She said: “I am really pleased to be given the opportunity to join Pembrokeshire County Council which has a good reputation and I believe has the ambition to do more and better.

“I look forward to working with colleagues and partners to improve outcomes for vulnerable adults and to making the Council even more effective and efficient.”

Following the retirement of both the director of social services and education and children's services last year the departments have been overseen by Jake Morgan, director of social services.

In October 2012 Cllr Sue Perkins, cabinet member for safeguarding and children's services, said that "the management of education and children's social services will be combined, and will be the responsibility of Jake Morgan".

The cabinet position was created following scathing reports into child safeguarding and the introduction of a ministerial board to oversee service improvements which have been continuing for more than a year.

Concerns were raised at the time about the scope of Mr Morgan's role but a council spokesman said: "It was never expected that he should take managerial responsibility for all of education and social services."

Mark Lewis, director of finance, has looked after adult social care since January 1st.

Child care and adult care were two separate divisions with separate heads of service under the director of social services until this January.

"There are advantages to integrating education and children's social services in terms of dealing with the safeguarding issues raised in 2011. It would not be sensible to include adult services as the span of control would be too great.

"The separation in managerial terms of adult and children's social services is usual in most local authorities across the UK," added the spokesman.

The new appointment, which begins in May, brings the number of Pembrokeshire County Council directors to five, the same as last year.