Hamilton Terrace, which had been left in a state of disrepair for more than four weeks, will be resurfaced next week, contractors have confirmed.

Supervising engineer at Atkins Ltd, the main contractor, Tony Dinan said that maintenance works had fallen two weeks behind schedule because of bad weather conditions last month.

He said that this delayed the resurfacing work on the A40 at Tangiers, Haverfordwest, which subsequently held up the resurfacing work in Hamilton Terrace.

He said: “That week of snow in January delayed subcontractors from Chelmsford, in Essex, laying a geogrid below the under-layer of the road construction.

“This in turn delayed the availability of tarmac gangs working on the A40 at Withybush. So we’ve been waiting our turn.”

Mr Dinan confirmed that a small team will be back on site in Hamilton Terrace this week, dealing with the ironworks, and resurfacing will resume on Monday (February 18) lasting three to four days.

The resurfacing work will begin at Tesco roundabout and work up Hamilton Terrace towards the Town Hall.

Local motorist Roger Cook, of Hakin Point, said that the state of Hamilton Terrace had disrupted him and many other residents.

He said: “The top surface was removed on January 15, and since then we have had traffic lights and cones, but no appreciable lessening of the potential for wrecking vehicles’ tyres and suspension.”

He added: “There’s been a bit of patching around some of the raised manhole covers on Hamilton Terrace, and people have resorted to using Robert Street, but there’s a particularly vicious bit at Haven Head roundabout that people just cannot avoid.”

The maintenance work on Hamilton Terrace comprises footway works, kerbing, ironwork replacement, drainage repairs and road resurfacing, and was scheduled to last 12 weeks.