BAND D householders in Milford Haven will have to pay 36p more a year towards the running of their town council.

The decision to raise the town’s precept by 1.81 per cent was made on Monday, January 20.

The new annual Band D bill of £33.27 compares to £56.77 for a similar property in Tenby, and takes the council’s annual income to £159,990.

The bulk of the budget will be used to pay salaries, rent for the town hall, and for the town’s Christmas lights.

A one-off donation of £10,000 will be made to Milford Haven Museum, to help cover the costs associated with its latest Bronze Age discovery.

The Torch Theatre will benefit from a £7,000 donation, and figures were also agreed to support the town band, Milford Haven Sea Cadets and Marine Cadets, and Milford Haven Round Table.

Councillors also agreed to put £3,500 aside to ensure the Rath toilets stay open.

And, following a heated debate to decide the council's annual donations fund, a figure of £4,500 was eventually settled on.

This is a £1,500 increase on last year's total, which is put aside to help local groups and charities throughout the year.

The issue of funding the Town Rider service, which helps disabled people get out and about, also sparked debate, and it was decided that it be taken out of the precept budget, as it warranted “further discussion”.

In order to keep the precept increase to a minimum, it was decided that £8,000 of the new budget be taken from reserves.