This week, thanks to the fantastic feedback I keep getting, we've got another ‘bumper bundle’of a TRM for you, all connected to recent topics we've included, starting with this great email from Janet Lewis of Rosemarket.

"I read with interest your article in last week's Mercury with reference to Purdy's corner. My Grandfather, Charles Albert Purdy, (born Essex 1874 died Milford Haven 1968), who was a prominent business man in the town, lived right on the corner at the top of Pill Lane and Great North Road , the house being built in the early 1900s.

“Charles Purdy moved from Middlesex and was the owner of a thriving business at Billingsgate Fish Market, in London, Swansea, Grimsby and Fleetwood, and traded under the style or firm of H. Barrow & Co. He eventually moved some of his fish business interests to Milford Haven, which at that time was fast becoming a major fishing port.

“He owned two fishing trawlers sailing out of the port. In 1901 , the trawler , the "Lord Roberts.. M161, in partnership with G.S. Kelway, which was later reported as foundered off St Ann's Head, and carried a crew of four men, and was towing the Danish barqentine ‘Freya’ to the port of Llanelli. The steering gear went out of order and she drifted across the barqentine when the anchor or the latter holed the Lord Roberts which sank within half an hour. The crew succeeded in getting to land.

“Some details from 1936 news cuttings, August 23.

“The ‘Solan’, H184, built in 1930, once the Admiral's Ship of the Game Cock Fleet, Hull, was bought in 1936 by C.A. Purdy, and his sons Cyril and Owen. 120' long, contains every conceivable gadget that goes to make for efficiency in fishing.

“For a Skipper, the Solan will have one of the most successful fishermen in the port, Mr Wilfred Perrett.

“From a news cutting, dated September 20.

“'In the throes of the fishing troubles, a bright spot was provided by the arrival of Messrs Purdy's new trawler, the s.t. Solan. The vessel only had three days fishing and landed 115 kits of mixed fish, which grossed just over £200, a very good start. During her stay in dock she was visited by many people.'

“At one time he had all four sons working for him in connection with his interests with the Billingsgate Fish Market and Milford Docks.

“Charles Purdy married Sarah Davies, a local girl, who lived at 128 Robert Street.

“He was also a Founder member of the Milford Haven Golf Club.

“I hope you find this brief history interesting, as to where the name of Purdy's Corner originated from, who he was, and his contribution to the development of the Milford Haven fish market.

“I have included a photo of the Milford Fish Market. Charles Purdy is the man standing on the far left, with his arm touching his side. The fish boxes display the company name of H. Barrow. Eventually, C. A . Purdy being the sole owner.”

Thanks Janet, that's a fantastic piece of feedback . Cheers also to Stevo for providing the photo of the Solan.

Old Milfordian, John Morgan, sent me an email saying he too remembered Purdy's Corner, and added: "I always enjoy reading TRM , as it brings back memories of my younger days in Milford."

Cheers John, good to hear from one of my old "Crescent chums" again.

Harry Bennett, from Honeyborough, wrote about a different matter.

"Jeff, further to your item last week, where you mentioned the cows en route (Graham Clarke had recalled them) from the field at the Mount. You forgot to mention that they were conversant with the Highway Code , in that they always kept to the left hand side. I recall that many times passing this herd without any problem.

“Although not a Milford boy, I still like to recall incidents from the past.

“Starting as a lad on the Fish Market, and later eleven years at the Mine Depot, so had lots of friends in the town.”

Thank you Harry.

It was also nice to hear again from Jane Mundell (nee Thomas).

"Recently you wrote about folk in Milford that opened shops in their Front Rooms.

“My paternal grandfather did this too. It was many years before I was born.

“It was at 233 Robert Street, or Jubilee Terrace as it was originally called, the name plaque is there today still.

“I remember the shop in Priory Road very well, and I also remember the fair on the Meads Field. It moved later, and I remember that, too.

“When I was young I remember going to Portfield Fair in Haverfordwest, and it was a real treat to go to, it was a big fair for those days.

“I loved the photos of the Fish Market and the cranes. My dad spent most of his working life on the Fish Market and one of the crane drivers always waved to me when I was a youngster. Lovely days, they were.

“Please keep up the good work, it is appreciated very much by this Milford girl.”

Thanks Jane, I'm grateful for your thoughts and contribution.

Another item which has generated a lot of comments has been the Mike Walters/Gary Owens "duet" , which John Barrett confirms did take place, and, next week I'm delighted to say I'll be including some memories from Gary Owens himself.

And that brings us to our teaser corner.

Last week brought a record number of incorrect entries, it was the one about overtaking the last man in a race. Most went for lapping in long distance races but it was never a catch question merely a logical one. Remember if a man is last then there can be no one behind him to overtake him, if there were, then he wouldn't be last.

This plain and simple fact was successfully concluded by Sheila Rimmer, Royston Holman, Billy Barrett, the Tish Llewellyns, Ken Davies and Mrs. Dorothy Hooper.

Thanks to all our teaser devotees, here's this week's.

If you take two oranges from eleven oranges, how many would you have?

Have a good week, see you next time.