PLANS to build a 240ft wind turbine in Tiers Cross have come up against opposition from local people concerned that Pembrokeshire is becoming ‘the land of turbines’.

A public exhibition to find out what locals think of the design was held at Tiers Cross Community Hall on Tuesday (July 1).

The plans, which are yet to be submitted to Pembrokeshire County Council, are for one turbine measuring 74-metres at its highest point, on land at Woodson Farm.

As well as generating enough energy to power around 300 homes, if approved the turbine will generate around £25,000 a year for the landowner.

Developers Adas have also promised to give the local community £2,500 a year for the 25-year lifespan of the turbine, which would be delivered through the community council.

But Lynn Hughes, whose home is nearest to the proposed site, has called the figure a “bribe”.

She says she can see 13 turbines from her house, and coupled with the “nightmare” solar farm already in place at Woodson Farm, feels she is being “driven out of her home”.

“You move into what you think is the countryside and then they plonk these things here – it makes me sick.”

She added that she feels "let down" by the promises of solar park developers Good Energy Generations, and fears the same will happen again if the plans get the thumbs-up.

Blaise Bullimore, who lives on the edge of the village, said he was in favour of renewable energy, but was concerned about the lack of engagement with local people.

“If a local landowner or developer wants to this they should be engaging with the community and bringing them up with them,” he said.

“We desperately need renewable energy bit the approach needs to be different.”