POTENTIAL tennis coaches have got the opportunity to be part of  Active Young People junior tennis project in Milford Haven.

The aim of the project is to get more children playing tennis in the community and create a new junior club.

"After carrying out an audit with the primary and secondary schools in Milford on what sports children would like to play, tennis came out as a high demand sport," said AYP officer for Milford Barry John.

"Unfortunately, there was little tennis being delivered in the schools and no junior tennis club in the community for the children to join. There are also very few qualified tennis coaches in the county who can help deliver sessions in Milford."

Barry has been working with some of the primary schools to deliver tennis sessions after school this term to allow children the opportunity to try the sport - and the venture has proved very successful.

"The next step is to now signpost these children to a local club as an exit route to allow them to play outside school and to have more children playing tennis in the schools," added Barry.

"Therefore I am looking to find qualified coaches who can deliver sessions as part of a new junior tennis club that I am creating."

Furthermore, Barry said that individuals who are not qualified but would like the opportunity to become so, can be placed on tennis coaching courses and gain the qualifications that would allow them to deliver the sessions.

For more information, or to apply for a position, e-mail Barry.john@pembrokeshire.gov.uk.