Online Specifications

How does it work?
We sell our advertising space online by duration and page impressions. A page impression is term used when someone visits a particular page on a website. So as you are reading this you have generated 1 page impression. Only some of our adverts are sold by duration only i.e. booking an advert to run for 5 days.

When will my advert appear and how often?
Your advert will appear between the duration it is booked for. Our online advertising works on a rotation policy. What this means is it shares a particular ‘space’ on our website with other adverts that have been booked. For example: If website A generates 10,000 page impressions (10,000 visits) and you want an advert to appear at the top (for example a leaderboard), if you booked 1,000 Page impressions that leaves 9,000 available for other adverts to use. The rotation of adverts is random so your advert can appear at any time during the day. As long as you have not booked more than is available you should always get what you paid for.

How can I maximise my advert delivery?
If you are advertising a specific offer, for example ‘discount on all used cars’ it would be worth purchasing page impressions on our cars section. Some of our websites deliver hundreds of thousands to over one million page impressions site wide (includes every section) per month. If your budget only allows for a few thousand page impressions it’s a good idea to think where best to place your advert to avoid it becoming lost or diluted over the whole site. Alternatively if you have a bit extra to spend and want to target as many potential users as possible you may want to consider it. We are happy to provide statistics on page impression delivery for our websites either by section or site wide. Please contact your local advertising manager on the contact us page with your enquiry.

More about our online advertising services...

Advertising is available on any of our twelve newspaper websites covering East Wales, West Wales & Gloucestershire.

Most readers browse our sites to check out the latest national and local  news, sport and latest headlines throughout their local areas. Job seekers, car and home buyers view the sites to get the latest information of what’s new and available, with our databases constantly being updated.

The benefits of internet advertising are that it's easy to see if a campaign is successful and that you are getting value for money. A free consultation at your convenience will explain the features and benefits of online advertising. We provide feedback on all your advertising concerns regardless of budget.

As well as linking adverts to your website, our sites can deliver your offers / messages and details of how people can contact you just like traditional advertising. This means that enquiries are received 24 hours a day as well as promoting your identity and increasing awareness of your organisation. You can also link to our online business directory called Click2Find, which allows you to set up a FREE listing to get you started or for a reasonable cost enhance your listing for great extras.

We can even target specific groups for you. With our contextual service you know that your advert will only appear to people specific to your requirements. You can also target sections on our sites such as sport, leisure, cars etc.

Many of our customers have had and continue to have successful advertising campaigns by using online advertising and we are happy to help you in any way we can.

We offer a wide range of advertising formats, please select from the list below for more details and examples:

Standard advert formats Expandable advert formats Alternative advert formats Site Takeover advert
  • Leaderboard
  • Sponsor Slug
  • MPU
  • Skyscraper
  • Mini banner
  • Bottom
  • Expandable Leaderboard
  • Expandable MPU
  • Expandable Skyscraper
  • Page Peel
  • Post-it
  • Overlay
  • Full-width leaderboard
  • Half Page
  • Banner
  • Skin
  • includes:-
  • Leaderboard
  • MPU
  • Skyscraper
  • Sponsor Slug
  • Bottom Leaderboard

Our Design Service
As part of your package we can create your online adverts for you at no extra charge but if you wish to supply artwork here a few important notes:

• All files must be supplied as GIF or Flash rich media file. If Flash is used, the following click tag must be inserted:
on(release) { getURL (clickTag, "_blank"); }

• A back up GIF must be supplied for all Flash files.

• Recommended animation length: 15 seconds.

• Creative deadline: to be supplied 3 working days prior.

• On certain adverts we allow the use of sound. Audio must be user-initiated only (on click) with a clearly visible 'sound on/off' button.

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