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Full Width Leaderboard (960px x 90px)
The leaderboard will appear on page load at the top of the page. Located just above the website logo, this advert spans the entire width of our page. It is a great way of taking over the top advertising position to get your message, business or brand across to the user.

A full-width leaderboard can also be incorporated with the page peel to run as a companion position. Please note the example below is not to scale.

Please note the example below is not to scale.


Overlay (960px x 660px)
A very dominant advert that lasts for up to 8 seconds. It appears on page load located just below the navigation and covers most of the page without scrolling down. This advert is limited to displaying just once per day on a users machine (results may differ, depending on users browser settings & cookie) due to the amount of page coverage. The overlay will also display a countdown and a close button so a user can see how long the overlay is on the page.

If providing your own, it can either be a static JPEG, a GIF or a SWF file. In which case all that is needed is a (Flash version of your advert and a backup JPG / GIF version in case the user does not have flash installed) which must be 60k maximum file size. The advert must have a visible close button and the close function on the button must be named "layerOff".

With regard to cookie settings, the overlay advert will only appear once as long the cookies are enabled on the user's browser. If they are not enabled then the overlay will appear on every page load

Please note the example below is not to scale.

Click here to see an example of an Overlay & Full Width Leaderboard

Post-it (250px x 250px)
This is located roughly the middle top of the page, just below the navigation bar. The advert lasts for up to 7 seconds and has a close function enabled. The 'Post-it' is limited to appear once per day per user. We recommend these to be static images not animated.

With regard to cookie settings, the 'Post-it' will only appear once as long the cookies are enabled on the user's browser. If they are not enabled then the post-it will appear on every page load


Half Page (300px x 600px)
The Half Page will appear on page load on the right side of the page. This is similar to the MPU but a lot larger and more prominent.


Banner (468px x 60px)
This advert is located just above the footer on article and editorial pages. Please note this is not displayed on the homepage.

Click here to see an example of post-it, halfpage & mini banner adverts

Skin Advert
A skin is a very prominent advert that surrounds the edge of the content section of our websites, acting almost like a frame. If supplying art work for this our requirements are a Full Width Leaderboard for the top and a background image.

The background image dimensions must be 1280 pixels wide and no more than 750 pixels in height. The image must not exceed 750KB in size. Please note we only accept jpg or gif formats.

Skins are charged per day and not page impressions. For a guide on daily pricing please use the contact us page to find your local advertising manager. Please note skins are sold to a section only, for example; Homepage, News, Sport. We do not sell skins to our commercial sections such as jobs, homes and cars.

Click here to view an example of a Skin
Please note example not to actual size.
Click here to see the skin template with dimensions

Belly Band
To accompany the skin advert we also require a belly band addition. This is for iPad and iPhone users which have Safari as a default web browser. These can be either a static banner or expandable. Similar to expandable leaderboards in the way they work. See here for expandable examples.

There are 2 options for a for a static belly band. The dimensions can be either: 940 pixels wide by 50 pixels high or 250 pixels high. Expandable belly bands are 940px x 50px for the first frame and 940px by 250px for the roll-over frame.

Click here to view an example of a Belly Band.
Please note example not to actual size.

Our Design Service
As part of your package we can create your online adverts for you at no extra charge but if you wish to supply artwork here a few important notes:

• All files must be supplied as GIF or Flash rich media file. If Flash is used, the following click tag must be inserted:
on(release) { getURL (clickTag, "_blank"); }

• A back up GIF must be supplied for all Flash files.

• Recommended animation length: 15 seconds.

• Creative deadline: to be supplied 3 working days prior.

• On certain adverts we allow the use of sound. Audio must be user-initiated only (on click) with a clearly visible 'sound on/off' button.

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