HAVERFORDWEST Musical Theatre is performing Follies, a seven Tony Award-Winning musical, at the Torch Theatre.

Featuring songs such as Broadway Baby, I’m Still Here and Losing My Mind, made famous by Liza Minelli, the show is sure to make you laugh out loud and battle to hold back the tears.

Follies tells the story of a reunion party held in a crumbling Broadway Theatre, scheduled for demolition, where past performers journey once more to reminisce about being part of the Weismann’s Follies, an extravagant musical revue (based on the Ziegfeld Follies) during the world wars.

Focussing on two couples - who are also shadowed by their younger selves - Buddy and Sally, and Ben and Phyllis, attend the reunion having not met since the Follies some 30 or so years earlier.

Sally and Phyllis were showgirls in the Follies, who married their stage-door Johnnies.

Their songs reflect the way their lives have unfolded and what they had hoped for after leaving the stage, the ups and downs, disappointments and mistakes.

Other past performers attending the party recall the songs they also sang, adding music and dancing to the reunion.

This show is a grand spectacle giving all members a chance to perform, set to match the mood of the Broadway theatre world, long gone.

Follies will be performed until Friday at the Torch Theatre. Call 01646 695267 to book your tickets.

Haverfordwest Musical Theatre are always looking for new members of all ages. If you would like more information or to join this thriving society, contact Megan on 07896 728473 or email hosmusicaltheatre@hotmail.com.