Event highlight: The South Wales Home and Garden Show.

Flowering once a year and attracting thousands of visitors, The South Wales Homes and Gardens Show offers the chance to plunge into a world of crafts and culture at the Carmarthen Showground.

The show, now in its third year, will be showcasing wide selections of home furnishings and accessories, plus a host of the county's top nurseries for home enthusiasts and green-fingered trowel-wielders alike.

Most people celebrate their birthday with a few too many lagers and a drunken rant at their loved ones, but Crafts From Carmarthenshire, launched at last year's show, will be marking the occasion with a good old display of wood turning, throwing pots and spinning.

The results of their impressive skills will, of course, be on sale.

Richard Bramley, of Farmyard Nurseries, Llandysul, will attract crowds with his infectious enthusiasm and stunning range of plants. Having won a gold medal in his category at the Chelsea Flower Show this year, his stand will be a popular choice.

The demonstration theatre features a programme of events, including Gareth Davies who will be showcasing his sizzling cookery skills.

OK, I admit, I've never heard of him, but I'm sure he'll be like the Welsh Ainsley Harriot.

The diverse selection of exhibitors will also include some of the most prestigious local businesses such as Powercut and Harris Slate and Stone, Leekes and Nolan uPVC.

It certainly sounds quite intriguing.

If you're interested, it all kicks-off on Saturday and Sunday at the United Counties Showground, Carmarthen. Tickets £5 for adults and £4 concessions.

There will be catering and free parking.

On the town: Rock nights at the Venue, Haverfordwest.

When I was young and the world was full of sunshine, local rock nights were all about getting drunk on very little alcohol and doing the pogo to terrible bands with bad clothes. Brilliant.

These days it seems to be more of a haircut thing. Haircuts and designer leather boots which cost £500.

We used to colour random bits of our hair and think we were cool too, but these kids look like their haircuts were designed by Jom Utzon while showcasing ideas for the Sydney Opera House.

But, hold on, they can actually play, and are often very good. And what's more, they're all really cool.

The Tidy Like Records nights have come to an end, but the Venue is holding fast to the Friday night rock theory, and it works.

There is a brilliant night to be had in this sumptuous leather womb above the Quay, on Quay Street.

Some exciting bands have played here, like the catchy crunch of Chasing Grace (pictured), the melancholic madness of Blacktooth or the fractured funk of the Monty Pirates.

Alliteration aside, There is something about the place when the bands are playing that makes it feel like a smoking lounge on steroids.

The drinks are well priced, the service is friendly and the decor is great.

There isn't a stage as such, but the intimacy with the bands this allows is fantastic.

So, get your designer rocker gear on and spike up your hair because there's enough electricity at the Venue on Friday night to put a satisfied smile on Optimus Prime's face, and make him positively gurgle with delight.

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