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Music: Dankworth dynasty comes to the county.

There are oafs in our area, you can see them on Saturday night, writhing to terrible music and using banal chat up lines on banal people - folk who wouldn't normally be interested in seeing a world famous jazz singer.

Thankfully, there are enough of us gin-drinking, olive-eating art tarts to provide an atmosphere of reserved rapture at a quality music event.

Jacqui Dankworth is what happens when two of Jazz's shining stars get together.

Her father, Johnny Dankworth formed his band in 1950. Inspired by Charlie Parker, he became one of Britain's best known Jazz musicians. He has written for films and TV and was knighted for services to Jazz, (very cool) last year.

Jacqui's mother, Cleo Laine has gold and platinum records and Grammy nominations under her belt. She has performed on Broadway and was awarded an OBE in 1997 for services to music.

The stellar combination of the couple's musical genes created Jacqui, who will be performing at Rhosygilwin, near Cilgerran, on Saturday.

Jacqui Dankworth was hailed as "one of our finest singers regardless of category" in the Sunday Times and has recorded with a list of stars that reads like the playlist on your Dad's mp3 player: Van Morrison; Sting; Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney - who, you may remember, used to be good.

She started as an actress, working with the Royal Shakespeare Company and later on the West End, proving herself a talented singer and actress, but Jazz was in her blood (probably pumping around to an off-beat rhythm) and the music stage beckoned.

Her current album, Detour Ahead, is still in high demand (according to her website) and she is recognised across the world as one of Jazz's modern stars.

Tickets for the Rhosygilwen gig are £20 from 01239 841387. But hurry - they're like jazz-flavoured hot cakes.

Want directions? It's near Cilgerran, look it up on the internet.

Art: Haverfordwest welcomes Kes James' butterfly effect.

Kes James has worked as a stylist and art director for several TV networks, cotributing to short films and animations.

More recently, the Kingston University graduate has turned her undeniable talents towards painting.

"The subconscious holds a great fascination, mystery and beauty for me and many of my paintings grow from a spontaneous response to thoughts and feelings of a moment, as if documenting on canvas a stream of consciousness," she says, still with us?

Luckily, you don't have to understand art student' to appreciate her stunning work, it truly is beautiful; stream of consciousness or not, it's great.

Black and white doesn't do it justice, Kes' work is enchanting - I would love to have the goldfish, although I'm not willing to pay.

Check out Kes James at the Oriel Emrys Gallery, High Street, Haverfordwest, until Saturday, call 01437 779646 for information.