Cardigan's Small World Theatre will host Powys Dance's hit show, Flying Atoms, this Saturday, September 15.

With high-flying aerial stunts, a magical soundtrack and stunning design the show has wowed festival goers and families alike at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and science festivals across the UK.

A playful, interactive show, Flying Atoms, is billed as a perfect introduction to dance and theatre for families with children aged six to 11.

The show features dance, experiments and aerial tricks to delight children and adults alike, inspiring wonder at the magic of the universe.

Professors Gusto and Hitch work hard in the laboratory of curiosity answering questions: How do birds stay in the air? Why don't Stars fall from the sky? Where does the moon go during the daytime? But there are some questions that can't be answered with experiments alone.

When Gusto remembers his trip to the circus it's just the breakthrough they need. The gravity defying tricks of the Flying Atom Sisters and their aerial acrobatics help us to understand as we observe the forces, twists, spirals and spins.

Back in the lab we dive into the microscope and explore the atom itself. With many more questions, only one thing becomes certain, the universe is filled with wonder and not everything is as it seems.

This playful exploration of forces and matter will inspire curiosity and enable access to basic principles of physics for young audiences and their families.

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