RENOWNED for his eloquent Americana style, engaging live shows, and off-the-cuff clever observations, John Craigie carries on the legacy of classic singer-songwriters, while blazing a trail of his own.

You can catch Craigie on Friday, September 21 live at Small World Theatre, Cardigan.

Musically comparable to John Prine, with the humour and wit of Mitch Hedberg, the humble, gracious and hilarious Craigie is one of the best storytellers of our time.

Craigie has charmed audiences across 50 United States and much of Europe with a DIY spirit seldom seen these days. When Craigie plays, it’s one of those special shows that can make you laugh and cry in the same song. It’s a musical journey that can’t be denied.

“John Craigie is a dude. Craigie presents himself as no more than that but he’s a tremendously talented dude with a guitar and a great voice that can tell a funny story. Craigie can follow that story up with an even better song,” says Glide Magazine.

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