ACCLAIMED songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Baiman opens the 2019 programme of world music concerts at Burnett's Hill.

Rachel, from Chicago, appears at the little Martletwy chapel next Wednesday (January 23) at 7.30pm.

She's on her own European tour to showcase songs from her latest album, and is much influenced by bluegrass and the protest songs of American troubadours such as Woody Guthrie.

Travelling all the way from Nashville, Tennessee, Rachel is touring Ireland and the UK in early 2019.

A follow-up to her album from last year Shame, the latest Baiman remains resistant to the patriarchy and powerfully uncompromising.

Her new Thanksgiving EP is a slightly darker look at the American holiday.

The title song was written after she was watching footage of native protesters being attacked in North Dakota and ruminates on the long, complicated history of European and indigenous interactions across the centuries.

Shame was an exploration of growing up female in America – from the title track about abortion politics, to love, sex, and abuse in relationships, to classism and inequality, the album is ambitious in its scope.

Thanksgiving is a collection of music to inspire an introspective holiday spirit. The songs centre on themes of indigenous rights, home and homelessness, and love in hard times.

Tickets are £10 from Main Street Music, Pembroke.