Rising star UK rap artist Dabbla comes to Narberth as part of his Death Moves tour, promoting his second album, of the same name, on Friday.

For the last decade, Dabbla's voice on the UK rap scene has slowly been building both in terms of its strength and its following.

Currently touring to promote his second album, Death Moves, he promises more of the quality hybrid rap that has earned him plaudits from fans, critics and peers alike.

Ever since Dabbla first cut his teeth on the DnB scene back in 1996, the trajectory of his career has been headed in only one direction, thanks to a versatility and character that breeds an infectious sound which has ravaged stages and studios across the UK and Europe.

Dabbla first came to prominence alongside his crew LDZ back in the early-00s, while based in Manchester, before they scored underground success with the grime lampooning/homage Lips 2 Da Floor in 2006. Dabbla’s debut solo LP, Year of the Monkey, released on High Focus Records met with great accolade, with the video for track Psychoville, racking up over four million views on YouTube.

His new album, Death Moves, eschews any of the stereotypical pitfalls and curses of a sophomore project, instead pushing his craft to ever higher levels.

The title originated from Dabbla’s fascination with martial arts, but as the album began to form and more and more was poured into its creative process, the name took on further meaning.

If anything is worthy of being called a labour of love, then it is this album.

Two local up-and-coming rap artists will be in support – Culture

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