After 12 months leading Milford Haven, former mayor Cllr Guy Woodham looks back over his time at the head of the chamber.

Cllr Woodham said it was the "great sense of community spirit" that made him return to Milford Haven in 2007, before becoming a town councillor the following year.

He said: "I wanted to be at the heart of the town, attending as many engagements as I could and offering my support to all those who try so hard to make Milford Haven a better place to live."

He said that during his mayoralty, introducing change into the town council was a challenge that proved fruitful.

"It can be very challenging to be progressive but this in itself can offer the opportunity to reflect and establish that the proposed change is required," he said.

"The many positive comments I have received from individuals has shown me that my approach has been right and that progress and change in the right direction can have great benefits for the town."

Until 2012, Cllr Woodham was the youngest member on the town council, and in the last year, four younger councillors joined the chamber.

The former mayor, who is also the Torch Theatre general manager and a county councillor, said that his biggest success was introducing Christmas Together - a community event for people who would otherwise be alone on Christmas Day.

The event's success has spurred Cllr Woodham to set up a small community group to host the event again this year.

He said: "The amount of support for the idea was overwhelming with people across the county. I could not have asked for more support and hope that this will continue over the coming years.

"It is by listening and engaging with the people of the town that the town council can play a fully active part in improving and regenerating our town."

And it is town regeneration that Cllr Woodham said he will focus on both in his role as town and county councillor.

He said: "There is a saying that 'if it’s not worth struggling for then it’s probably not worth having' and I see the next few years being a struggle to deliver town regeneration and improvement to the quality of life in Milford Haven. It will not be easy, but by working together, concentrating our efforts in the right places we will succeed in reaching our goals.

"I believe that there are great things possible in Milford Haven and by approaching the future with a positive view we will benefit as a town from all that is available to us."

He added: "I am here to do everything possible to promote our town in a positive way, support the people who live here and the businesses and organisations who are based here.

"In trying to deliver this I will be vocal in the council chamber. Debate is good and I look forward to continuing a progressive approach through this channel."

Will we see Cllr Woodham stand for mayor again? "A most emphatic yes!" he said.