A ‘TREND’ for students bringing e-cigarettes into school has prompted a local headteacher to remind parents of the dangers of smoking.

Milford Haven School headteacher Rod Francis has written to parents, raising concern that electronic cigarettes may encourage young people to start smoking.

In the letter, Mr Francis said that due to their ‘novelty value’, there was a ‘common assumption that they are safe’, but warned that young people who use them could easily become addicted to nicotine and progress onto smoking cigarettes too.

“It is totally unacceptable to smoke or bring cigarettes or e-cigarettes into school and pupils who do so will face sanction as part of our behaviour policy,” he continued.

He urged parents to support the school’s anti-smoking stance.

“Please take the time to discuss the issue with your child and encourage your child find out about the dangers,” he said.

The letter also reminded parents of the school’s firm position on illegal drug use.

Mr Francis added that the school works closely with the local police to ensure drugs are kept out of the school, and that officers may be called into the school to search or test for drugs where a “reasonable suspicion exists that unusual behaviour might be a result of illegal drug use”.

At present there is no county-wide policy on the use of e-cigarettes in schools.

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire County Council said: “The policy would be a matter for individual school governing bodies.

“Pembrokeshire County Council would provide advice and guidance on developing any policy if requested but each school would determine for themselves their own policy pertinent to their school.”