SOME “frank discussions” are needed between Murco and the Welsh and UK governments, Labour’s shadow energy secretary has said.

Caroline Flint MP joined Labour’s Preseli Pembrokeshire parliamentary candidate Paul Miller on a round of renewable energy visits in the county today (Wednesday, April 9).

Last week staff at Murco Milford Haven Refinery were told that a deal to sell the refinery to investment firm Greybull Capital had fallen through.

Speaking ahead of a meeting with the Unite union representative at Murco, Allan Card, Ms Flint said: “I think what is needed are some frank discussions between Murco and the Welsh and UK governments.

“I don’t think there’s a simple answer to this, but there is a need to better understand what has put the buyer off and if there’s anything that can be done.”

She added: “Not only are we talking about hundreds of jobs on the site, the hundreds of other jobs in the supply chain are also of concern too.

“This isn’t a partisan issue, I know the Welsh Government and the UK Government are looking at whatever they can do to help, and certainly as the shadow energy secretary, I have asked for support to do whatever we can to ensure a future at the site.

“The refinery is meeting all the requirements expected of it so that’s not an issue. What we need to have is a discussion with Murco to see what is needed to keep the refinery going forward.”

During her visit, Ms Flint switched on the final transformer station at Liddeston Ridge Solar Park, saw Tidal Energy Ltd’s new underwater turbines and took a boat tour around the Haven, before meeting Haven Energy Forum representatives.

“Pembrokeshire does look to be leading the way, certainly looking at all the resources around the coastline which are still to be realised,” said Ms Flint.

“There’s a lot of potential there, and just in terms of wind as well, and solar, there are a lot of opportunities here.

“It’s all about Pembrokeshire, Wales and other parts of the UK playing to their strengths, combining these natural assets with the very best technology, knowledge and skills on our doorstep.”

Mr Miller said: “My role is to make sure that everyone is on our side, that everyone on the Labour bench is aware of the impact UK energy policy has on Milford Haven, on our waterway and our economy in Pembrokeshire.”