CHAINED-up protesters delayed work on the LNG pipeline on Wednesday.

Five people climbed the fences South Hook terminal at around 4am and lay in an access road in a star formation linking their arms through bits of piping to stop LNG traffic getting onto the Milford Haven site.

Seven were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass and criminal damage as they tried to get to the South Hook jetty.

Protesters from all around the country and members of pressure group Rising Tide were outside the South Hook site along with a large police presence.

Speaking at the scene demonstrator Briony Bell said: "We are here to protest against climate change. What is being built here is indescribably wrong, the vast sums of money that have been spent could have been invested in renewable sustainable energy. This is just about as dirty as burning coal.

"I know there has been a lot of local objections to the project and the impact on the countryside is painfully clear. If there ever was an explosion this would take out four villages."

The police managed to remove the protesters from the access road at about 12.30pm at which point the HGV's which had been backed up for hours were able to enter the site.

Police then arrested the five protesters but at the time of going to press the exact charges were not known.

Speaking earlier in the day, Dyfed Powys chief superintendent Paul Amphlett, said they were working with their partner agencies and are doing everything they could to ensure the safety of the public and the protesters.

A spokesperson for South Hook LNG said: "We recognise that in a democratic society, everyone has the right express their opinion in a peaceable manner on developments with which they disagree.

"We work closely with the authorities to ensure that individuals are not put at any risk and that South Hook can continue to develop this important project in an expeditious manner."

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire-based Safe Haven said: "We are not surprised that many people continue to be deeply frustrated at the way these developments are proceeding without proper consultation and proper regard to health and safety."

He said that people will not be satisfied until a quantified risk assessment has been carried out and the results made public.

Speaking at the end of the protest Briony said: "The day has definitely been a success, anything that makes them listen to our point of view is a success."