MILFORD Haven Sea Cadets were rowing for gold at the annual West Wales Rowing and Boat Handling Competition, in Port Talbot recently.

After beating off fierce competition, the local cadets were picked as the winning rowing boat handling team.

Losing by just an inch, the junior boys' team came runners up, and the junior sea cadets came fourth.

The boat handling team is completed on skill, showing the ability to move the boat through the water, moving forwards and backwards, being able to come alongside a pontoon, moor to a buoy, carry out a man overboard to name but a few actions.

The rowing races are just that, fastest across the line.

Lieutenant (SCC) William Elliott RNR the Unit Commanding Officer said: “I was extremely pleased with the outcomes of the competition, especially as team Milford Haven are on the up in the district again, alongside promoting better teamwork and boat handling skills too.”

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