CONCERNS about the health implications of mobile phone masts - and the introduction of free public Wi-Fi in Milford Haven town centre - will be addressed at a public forum next week.

Local man Rodney Maile will share his fears of the impact of electromagnetic radiation at the Town Hall on Thursday, August 18, and Friday, August 19.

Mr Maile, whose concerns prompted him to stand as an independent candidate on the issue in the 2015 general election, says the radiation emitted when people use mobile phones and the internet causes illness.

"All these wireless transmissions are dreadfully dangerous to living creatures," he said.

"They should never ever have been allowed into our environment.

"Why do we continue to allow this when all the evidence is already available to the people?

"It's time to bring about a change."

The presentations will take place at the Murray Suite between 10am and 4.45pm both days, and all are invited.