A MURDERER who stabbed a young soldier six times outside a nightclub was jailed for 18 years on Monday.

LNG worker Marc Campbell, aged 35, of Goshawk Road, Haverfordwest, admitted the murder of Lance Corporal Kinnon Arrigo Ragni, aged 29.

Swansea Crown Court heard how late on November 22 Campbell, high on valium and alcohol, had pestered soldiers in Minnie's nightclub for drugs.

Campbell was already so out of it' some people were filming him on their mobile telephones.

Prosecutor Elwen Evans said the soldiers, who were anti-drugs, complained about Campbell, who was then thrown out of the club.

She told the court that after he was ejected Glasgow-born Campbell was determined "to get a squaddie."

He took a taxi to his flat where he dressed in Army camouflage clothing and collected a pair of gloves and a kitchen knife with a ten-inch blade.

On his way into town he came across Edward George Davies, aged 31, of Fishguard.Davies had just bought some cans of lager from Tesco and was on his way into town to drink them on the streets.

Once outside Minnie's, Campbell made up a story about having left his coat behind and tried to get back inside, but doorstaff stopped him.

When Mr Ragni, who had not been involved in the earlier incident, appeared Campbell immediately and without warning stabbed him six times to the chest and stomach.

Police rushed Mr Ragni to hospital in a squad car but he was already dead.

As Campbell fled Davies advised him how to get out of the town centre without being filmed by CCTV cameras. However, the murder itself had already been caught on camera.

Campbell was chased by Alex Herbert, Alex Ward and Marco Scharf.

Mr Herbert kicked Campbell, who threatened to stab him. The chase continued and he was tackled by Mr Scharf. Mr Ward then wrestled the knife from Campbell.

All three men were commended by the judge, Mr Justice Roderick Evans, for their "outstanding bravery." He awarded them £500 each as tokens of the public's gratitude.

Both Campbell and Davies were on licence from prison at the time. Campbell was on licence from a five-year sentence imposed for robbing a pharmacy.

Davies admitted assisting an offender and was jailed for 15 months. He apologised to members of Mr Ragni's family as he was led away.

Defending Gerard Elias, said Campbell appreciated that in a single moment he had ruined the lives of Mr Ragni and his family, as well as his own life.

He was jailed for life and told he could not apply for parole for 18 years.

Campbell pleaded guilty to murder only after a psychiatrist failed to find anything wrong with him.

After the hearing, Mr Ragni's mother Isabelle said Campbell would one day return to society and continue with his life, adding that this was something her son would never be able to do.

She said: "It was very difficult when the soldiers came and told me what had happened. I said no, he's in Wales, he's in Wales.' He survived Iraq but not our society."

Mr Ragni served with 14th Signal Regiment and was based at Cawdor Barracks, Brawdy.

He had received a commendation for his courage in Iraq and on the night he died he was enjoying farewell drinks with fellow soldiers, having volunteered for a tour of duty in Afghanistan.